New Software Developer – Paul Prochal

October 22, 2018Careers
PCMI New Hire Paul Prochal

W e are happy to announce that Paul Prochal will be joining our team! He will be working in our Poland office as a Software Developer, and he is eager to learn new techniques to continue to develop his skills and contribute to enhancing PCMI’s platform. Paul is also looking forward to working on complex development projects and overcoming the challenges that make working in IT interesting.

Paul attended the University of Economics in Krakow, where he graduated with a degree in Management and Industrial Engineering. He started his career as a Media Analyst in a business information agency, then worked independently as a freelance translator and developer. After that he became a software developer and implementation consultant. Paul’s biggest accomplishment in his career so far is that he worked on a manufacturing operations management software implementation for one of the world’s biggest home appliance companies, in which he got to go onsite across the world and see the product he devoted his development skills to live in action. Paul’s top career goal is to become a software development expert.

When Paul is not working, he enjoys cycling and riding motorcycles, as well as, baking bread (not to be confused with Breaking Bad – although he likes that show too). Paul’s favorite things about living in Krakow are that it is quiet, and he is close to the pond, so he can go there and enjoy nature peacefully. An interesting fact that others may not know about Paul is that he contributed his knowledge to about 50 issues of the Polish edition of the Computer Arts magazine, in which he provided information regarding design, graphics, and illustrations.

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