New Application Support Specialist – Saed Shaban

January 14, 2019Careers

W e are excited to welcome Saed Shaban to our team! Saed will be working in our Chicago office as an Application Support Specialist, where he will be supporting the auto side of our software and create and maintain documentation for various processes and procedures. He is looking forward to experiencing the company culture at PCMI and work with the team as he feels it is very family-oriented and collaborative. Strengthening his technical skills and learning more and more every day is also something he is excited about.

Saed pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Decision Sciences (IDS) from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The reason why he went for this degree specifically is that it was an IT degree under the College of Business. This allowed Saed to be well-rounded in many aspects of not only IT, but business as well. What motivates Saed the most is becoming the best version of himself each day, as he sees everyday as a new opportunity to grow and improve himself.

When Saed is not working, he enjoys going to the gym, attending racing events during the spring/summer seasons, and hanging out with friends. The most influential person in Saed’s life is his father who came here from Syria when he was 19 years old with almost nothing to his name. Now, a few decades later, he holds a PhD, works at Verizon Wireless, and is a great father and amazing role model for Saed!

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