New Software Developer – Jan Konopka

June 27, 2019Careers

W elcome to the team, Jan Konopka! Jan will be joining PCMI’s Poland office as a Software Developer, where he will be developing administration software for F&I Products and Service Contracts. In his new role, he is looking forward to taking on new projects and learning the best programming practices. While at PCMI, he is excited about overcoming challenges, attaining new skills, and earning valuable experience. Some things that motivate Jan are competition and the excitement of solving problems.

Jan attended Jagiellonian University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He chose this field of study because he had always been fascinated by computers and he believed problem-solving to be his strong asset. Jan started his career after one year of studying at Jagiellonian, when he began an internship to gain commercial experience. After three months at the internship, he decided to stay longer, and ended up working at the company for three years, completing dozens of projects.

One specific project Jan is proud to have been a part of is writing a mobile app for an online store in the cross-platform development tool, Xamarin. He learned the technology and mobile development from scratch in order to build the app. He also traveled to New York for an Ecommerce conference as a speaker, where he presented on the app and Xamarin. This experience was super exciting for Jan, given the disproportion in experience between him and everyone else at the conference. He quotes, “Being the youngest guy in a room isn’t bad, but if you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

When he is not working, Jan enjoys playing video games, watching and reading everything related to Formula 1, and training and participating in triathlons. His favorite food is pizza, or any kind of junk food, but he is trying to balance out his junk food consumption by training for the triathlons a few times a week. One day, Jan hopes to visit all the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuits, but, since that is a pricey hobby, he will stick with checking out European racetracks for now.

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