New Software Developer – Sompot Krutthai

July 17, 2019Careers

P CMI is pleased to welcome Sompot Krutthai to our team! Sompot will be joining our Thailand office as a software developer where he will be working to develop and improve our administration platform, PCRS. While at PCMI, he is looking forward to learning new skills and achieving goals with his team. He is excited to learn more about PCMI as a company and get familiar with all the aspects of his new job. During his time here, he hopes to create and provide the best solution to our customers.

Sompot graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. He chose this major because he believes that in the future, technology will be in every kind of business. Sompot started his career after he graduated when his friend invited him to work at his company. He is proud of all the projects he has worked on as a team or alone, but one particular project that stands out was developing a risk management system for one of the biggest chemical factories in Thailand. The system was called Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management System (OHSEMS) and administrators could use it to store evaluations and create reports. Sompot was a junior programmer for this project but, in addition to coding, he also had the opportunity to join in meetings with the customers, travel to the customers’ sites to install the application and meet with the client to get feedback. With his level of involvement in this project, he was able to learn a great deal even outside the realm of programming and development.

When he is not at work, Sompot likes playing sports and games, traveling, reading, and watching movies. When he has time off, he enjoys taking trips to the beach or mountains. The most influential people in Sompot’s life are his parents, and in his work life specifically, his manager at his first company was the most influential. She showed him the company processes and taught him how to do the work he was expected to do for his job.

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