New Software Developer – Michał Chudzik

August 8, 2019Careers

P CMI welcomes new team member Michał Chudzik! Michał will be working in our Poland office as a Software Developer, where he will be developing web applications. In this role, he is excited to learn new technologies and meet some wonderful people. Michał ’s good friend has been at PCMI for three years and is part of the reason Michał chose to work at the company. While at PCMI, he hopes to develop his skills and have a good time working alongside his coworkers. He is also looking forward to solving problems, creating new things, and learning about the company. One thing that motivates Michał is the awareness that there are still so many things to do and see.

Michał graduated with a master’s degree from Czestochowa University of Technology. He started his career as a tester in a big automotive company where he worked for almost two years, creating active safety systems in vehicles and testing the software in prototype cars. One of the most demanding projects in his career was creating software designed for the most effective laying of prefabricated metal on trucks. He had to gather a lot of knowledge about American trucks and legal regulations, as well as create an algorithm. He says it was like playing real-life Tetris!

Michał also took a three-month business trip to the United States to work on a new project where there were many problems to solve all within a strict time barrier. During his time abroad, he learned a lot about American culture and traveled around much of the country, visiting the center of the US, the entire west coast, the Gulf of Mexico, Key West in Florida, and much more. He would be happy to return to the United States one day.

When Michał is not at work, his hobbies include riding bikes, doing puzzles, and hiking. He likes sports and good books, and he has two cats and two dogs. The luckiest thing that has happened to Michał was winning the lottery – a 10 zł ($2.59) prize!

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