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ENG Conference

May 24, 2016Conferences

After attending the ENG Automotive Warranty Management 2016 conference for the first time, the PCMI team was delighted to be a part of such a significant event and enjoyed getting to know and learning about industry peers and their companies. Mark Nagelvoort, Martin Sitarz, and Olena Sydorak enjoyed networking with colleagues and listening to the presenters that the conference had to offer on topics such as customer loyalty, maximizing profits, and using warranty as a tool.

President & CEO – Mark Nagelvoort stated, “It was great to hear the “European” perspective on the aftermarket product industry.  It is clear from the presentation there where many experts and the panel had tremendous experience.  I think this is a great opportunity to extend the use of F&I products to address many of the issues raised by the discussions.”

Olena Sydorak also noted, “It was my first time at a conference of such magnitude. I really enjoyed it. We (Mark, Martin and I) listened to many presentations of different companies from Europe. We talked with experienced and intelligent people who are professionals in their field, and we talked about our company as well. It was an unforgettable trip that brought me many experiences and memories.”

The PCMI team is looking forward to staying connected and working with those they met at the ENG Automotive Warranty Management 2016 conference now and in the future.

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