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New Office Space in Thailand

June 2, 2016Inside PCMI

Last month, the PCMI Thailand team went through the exciting process of moving into a new office space. The new office is located in the same building but is much larger in size so the team can keep expanding. Although they had to pack up all of their belongings, they only had to move a few floors up!

The move makes the area more functional for the team to interact, collaborate, and brainstorm. They even have the ability to mingle with other professionals in the common break areas.

PCMI’s three office locations are represented in the office by the three clocks on the wall to signify the times in the U.S., Poland, and Thailand. The team also gave the office a fun and trendy feel by displaying fresh plants and including a couch to take breaks on.  We can tell they have been freshening up on their SQL skills by the amount of books they have displayed!

The new office space looks great, and we hope the Thailand team continues to enjoy it!

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