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PCMI Chicago Welcomes Thailand Sr. Developers!

November 20, 2017Inside PCMI

Earlier this month, the Chicago office welcomed two of our Thailand team members, Saranya Kaewpradit and Teerawat Leelawongphanich, to Chicago to meet the U.S. team. This was the first time either team member would be visiting PCMI’s headquarters and, although the trip was a long one, both Senior Software Developers were excited for the opportunity to travel abroad.

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After Saranya and Teerawat caught up on their sleep and settled into their hotel, they spent their first day in the office and the whole team was thrilled to welcome them in.  PCMI’s President & CEO – Mark Nagelvoort, presented the two with their PCMI – 3 year anniversary awards in gratitude for their years of service.  Then, Saranya and Teerawat shared small Thai gifts with each Chicago employee, such as, notepads, pins, and keychains.

Both team members were excited to dive into their projects and work in-person with managers and teammates. Saranya was able to collaborate a tremendous amount with PCMI’s CSO – Russell Ridley to gain an in-depth understanding of the business and the “why” behind her development. Teerawat spent most of his time working onsite with PCMI’s Senior Enterprise Architect – Vlad Likhovid, in which he was able to learn more about how to improve our system.

Mark Nagelvoort was eager to spend time teaching Saranya and Teerawat more about his passion for the industry and aspirations for continuous company growth. The Thailand team members were very appreciative of his time and were able to take back the knowledge and feedback shared to communicate his message to their colleagues in the Thailand office.

The two team members didn’t spend all of their time here in the states working, they also got to sightsee and explore Chicago! Some of the members of the Chicago team took them out on the weekends to visit many iconic Chicago landmarks including: The Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Tower, Millennium Park, Lake Michigan, and more! Saranya and Teerawat boasted about how beautiful Chicago is and how much they loved their visit. They even got to see snow for the first time on their last day here!

“We would like to thank everyone in the Chicago office for a welcoming stay. We are very appreciative of you and we are looking forward to being about to visit again sometime!” – shared Saranya and Teerawat

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