New Business Analyst – Sita Prakasan

October 28, 2019Careers

P CMI is excited to welcome new Business Analyst Sita Prakasan to our team! Sita will be working in our Chicago office where she will be creating user stories and working with the team to resolve tickets. While at PCMI, she hopes to become a productive employee by contributing to the growth of the company. She also hopes to establish a strong base in business analysis and data analytics. She chose to work at PCMI primarily because of the company’s growth, the products and services we offer, and our global expansion. In her new job, she is excited about learning new processes within the industry as well as becoming familiar with our PCRS application that supports our clients and customers.

Sita attended Minot State University where she graduated with a Master of Science in management. She chose this path because it did not deviate much from the field of business and it still allowed her to stay up to date with technology. One project in her career that she is proud to have been a part of was called Cloverleaf, which involved over a hundred integrations with vendors and offices located in both the U.S. and Canada. This project really helped sharpen her skills on user stories, vendor management, and deployment.

When she is not at work, Sita likes going for walks, preparing new food dishes, and reading about terminologies and methodologies that she has heard of but does not know much about. Some of her hobbies include watching and reading travel stories and trying out new recipes. Sita does not have a particular person who has greatly influenced her, instead she has been influenced by actions and behaviors from others that have had positive impacts on her. When she has time off, she usually takes her three-year-old daughter to places she enjoys, such as the park or a play area.

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