Back for Seconds – Our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Potluck

November 20, 2019Inside PCMI
PCMI Thanksgiving Potluck

T his year, PCMI celebrated the season of thankfulness with our 2nd annual Thanksgiving Potluck! We had such a great time with last year’s potluck that we just had to do it again! Our employees brought in all kinds of delicious food to share with their coworkers in the office. The only thing more fun that seeing all the different types of food everyone brought was getting to eat it!

Thanksgiving with an International Twist

The anticipation in our office was high on the morning of our potluck. We had a clear rule—if you want to eat, bring a dish! Since not many will pass an opportunity to have a good meal, everyone contributed by either making or buying something. Here at PCMI, we do our best to not to miss an occasion to celebrate with food! Work is so much more fun with a happy belly! Since we have a unique blend of cultures (American, Polish, Russian, Indian, and Asian) it is exciting to lean about each other through different cuisines. Our Thanksgiving Potluck had pretty much everything, except for the traditional turkey! As our team was bringing food into the office, some of us could not resist our curiosity and kept peeking into the kitchen to check it out.

A little before noon, we took our dishes into the conference room to set it all up! The tables were full of a wonderful array of different food! There were some mouthwatering traditional Thanksgiving dishes and sides, like corn pudding, ham, pasta salad, potato salad, and deviled eggs. The international foods included dumplings, mixed rice, egg rolls, and pierogis! Our office loved getting to have a taste of different cultures. And who can forget about the All-American dish—pizza? We sure didn’t! Hey, ‘tis the season to eat everything!

A Dessert Lover’s Dream Come True

Our team outdid themselves this year with the amount of desserts that were brought in—three tables full of sweet stuff! There were so many different varieties: pies, cookies, cupcakes, coffee cake, candy and cheesecake! The perfect complement to so many yummy main and side dishes.

Time to Mingle!

The next best thing after a holiday feast, is simply connecting with the entire team in one room at the same time. We mingled, chatted, and raved about all the different dishes. All this food talk made us want it even more, so we were not shy to grab seconds…or thirds. Even with all the eating, we still had leftovers in the office for lunch for a couple days afterwards!

We had a blast at our Thanksgiving Potluck! We are thankful to everyone who bought or cooked food!

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