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New Software Developer – Jan Salawa

January 5, 2020New Hires
welcome to our team Jan

P CMI welcomes new Software Developer Jan Salawa! Jan will be joining our Polish team where he will be working on the Claims team to develop and maintain updates and create improvements to our PCRS software. He is looking forward to using his experience and skills in his new role at PCMI.

Jan Salawa graduated from the Cracow University of Technology with a master’s degree. He chose to study IT because of the high demand for IT jobs. He started his professional career by doing an internship when he was in his 3rd year of study. His biggest accomplishment in his work so far was creating improvement for a project base on SignalR.

When he is not in the office, Jan likes playing video games and learning new technologies. His hobbies include basketball and car maintenance. The most interesting fact about Jan is that he likes to dance! When he has time off work, he usually goes to his family home to visit his mom and brothers. On weekend evenings, he goes to dance! Some special things about the place Jan grew up was that it was near the Wisła River, with many trees and an outdoor basketball court. It is refreshing for him to go back there.

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