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New Software Developer – Dan Fechner

March 18, 2020New Hires

P CMI is happy to welcome new Software Developer, Dan Fechner to our team! Dan will be joining our Chicago office where he will be creating and maintaining new features of our PCRS software, as well as monitoring and evaluating system performance. He is looking forward to working at a software company because of the ever-evolving technology and the collaborative environment. While at PCMI, he wants to build software applications that allow our customers to achieve their goals. He is excited about learning the system and getting a chance to start contributing.

Dan Fechner attended the University of Iowa where he pursued a degree in Economics. He chose this major because he is interested in capital markets and logic. After graduating, he then attended Elmhurst College where he studied Information Systems. He picked this field of study because he wanted to learn more about computers. One project Dan is proud to have worked on in his career was creating a process for taking quotes, binding policies, generating documents, and processing payments for users.

When he is not working, Dan likes to hang out, run errands, exercise, and hike. Some of his hobbies include soccer, board games, and winemaking. When he has time off, he usually catches up on housework and takes his daughter to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

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