New QA Analyst – Marzena Fus

April 20, 2020Careers

P CMI is excited to welcome new QA Analyst, Marzena Fus. Marzena will be joining our Poland office where she will be creating and executing test plans for our PCRS software to improve its operational efficiency. While at PCMI, her goal is to develop in her role and increase her skills in automation testing. She is also looking forward to working with a new programming language and having the opportunity to learn about the different industries PCMI supports.

Marzena Fus attended Cracow University of Technology where she pursued a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. To compliment her love of engineering, she found a new passion for the IT field and went on to learn new talents in that area. She started by learning some basic programming languages, gathered some information about testing, and applied for her first job. She sees her career in IT as a never-ending journey where she is always expanding her mind and experiences. It is never boring!

In her free time, Marzena likes cleaning and organizing her house, playing with her dogs, and going to the gym. She also enjoys biking, reading books, and meeting friends. She is a fan of DIY projects, but since they are usually time-consuming, it is a rare treat when she can start one.

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