New QA Analyst – Rafał Matałowski

April 2, 2020Careers

P CMI is happy to welcome new QA Analyst, Rafał Matałowski. Rafał will be joining our Poland office where he will be working with the QA team to continuously improve our PCRS software while keeping the system at full operational capacity. At PCMI, he is excited about the opportunity to grow his automation development skills. He is also looking forward to working for a company with a global scope, handling projects with international team members, and working for customers around the world.

Rafał Matałowski attended the Kielce University of Technology, where he graduated with a degree in Engineering. He began his career at Kolporter Info Company as a helpdesk and service software/hardware team member. He always found motivation in making vital advancements to applications and furthering his knowledge of the industry.

When he is not working, Rafal likes visiting the airport and watching the departures and arrivals of the planes. He also enjoys swimming, playing video games, and spending time with his friends. Some of his other hobbies include listening to music, playing winter sports, and learning more about aviation. In his life so far, his biggest accomplishment was achieving his Private Pilot License (PPL). When he was a child, he always dreamed of getting the license. After a few years of hard work, he did it! The luckiest moment in his life was when he was making his first solo flight as a pilot. Almost immediately after landing, a thunderstorm rolled in. He was so happy to already be safely on the ground!

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