New Business Intelligence Developer – Dhruvit Savla

July 1, 2020Careers

M aking a switch from intern to full time employee, PCMI is proud to introduce our newest Business Intelligence Developer, Dhruvit Savla. Dhruvit will be joining the Chicago Office working with the Reporting team to create SQL procedures, data models, and SSRS / Power BI reports. He’s excited to continue working on reinsurance projects and dive deeper into expanding his industry knowledge. Dhruvit finds motivation in simplifying people’s lives by providing efficient and innovative solutions.

Dhruvit Savla attended the Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating with a master’s degree in Information Technology Management this past May. No stranger to world of analytics, Dhruvit has previously worked as a Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture, assisting the analytics and BI team there. He was awarded the “Magic Cabinet Award” for having the top performance in his team in 2017. The most memorable project Dhruvit has completed was creating a reporting dashboard for a client’s financial forecasting team.  The dashboard covered an widespread area from North American, Europe, and Asia helping to streamline manual efforts and excel integration capabilities put in by the team.

When he’s outside of the office, Dhruvit likes to spend his time bowling, binge watching his favorite TV shows, and shopping. Dhruvit likes to make the most of his free time by spending time on his hobbies, which include cooking, reading his favorite books and writing his own poems. If the opportunity arises, Dhruvit also likes to go hiking or traveling by taking road trips to see something new.

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