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New Business Intelligence Developer – Priyank Dharani

August 17, 2020New Hires
Welcome to our team, Priyank

P CMI extends a warm welcome to our new Business Intelligence Developer, Priyank Dharani! Making the transition from intern to full-time employee, Priyank will be continuing his career at our Chicago office where he’ll be analyzing data and building multiple crucial tool reports. Because he enjoys looking at subjects from different points of view, Priyank is anticipating taking everything he’s learned as an intern and applying it to his new role. He’s excited to gain skills in PowerBI, Tableau, and Cube addition to continuing to innovate our PCRS system. Not afraid to dive right into a challenge, Priyank gets motivation from learning new things and strives to do so daily.

Priyank achieved his Master of Science in Information Technology and Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology, enhancing his skill set and becoming acquainted with emerging technologies. Starting off his career in development, Priyank worked as a full-stack developer where he gained experience with a variety of technologies early on. His innovative work has even garnered recognition in the past – obtaining a nomination for Accenture’s Co-Innovation Award for an application analysis project in which he was able to improve efficiency from 92% to 97%. Priyank recalls his most memorable project being a Vaadin framework based POC which utilized Java language to create an enhanced front-end user experience.

When he’s not working, Priyank enjoys exploring new places to try the local cuisine (but his all-time favorite dish is pav bhaji). In addition to traveling, he likes to stay active in his spare time and will often seek out new skills to learn. Priyank states his grandfather as being one of his biggest influences and, having maintained a strong connection to his home city of Mumbai, he feels emotionally, physically, and mentally attached to the bustling capital city.

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