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PCMI Names Corey Rocquin Vice President of Consumer and Home Products

July 12, 2022Inside PCMI, New Hires
Corey Rocquin - VP of Consumer & Home Products

W e couldn’t be more excited about adding Corey Rocquin to the PCMI team as our new Vice President of Consumer and Home Products! Joining our Chicago office, Corey will lead the business development of all consumer goods which includes strategizing operations, identifying new markets, and analyzing business opportunities. Coming in with perseverance in mind, he states there are no challenges we can’t overcome as a team.

“Having worked in nearly every aspect of the Consumer Warranty industry, it is exciting to bring software solutions to so many companies who need our services.”
Corey Rocquin, Vice President of Consumer & Home Products

The Professional Side

Corey attended Southeastern Louisiana University and graduated with two majors: one in Computer Science, and the other in Marketing. After college, Corey spent 28 years of his professional life holding nearly every position within consumer goods – most recently as the Director of Warranty Operations at Fortegra. He’s very well-accustomed to the industry and has tons to share!

Top Strengths

PCMI recognizes that our team members contribute unique strengths to our company as a whole. In order to maximize these strengths, we ask our new hires to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment, which helps us discover what they naturally do best. Corey’s top strengths are:

Corey naturally absorbs and analyzes information to help make better decisions. His CliftonStrengths leadership style is influencing.



Strives to win first place


Energizes others with their visions


Enjoys building close relationships with others


Creates alternative ways to achieve goals


Feels confident in following his inner compass

The Personal Side

Corey was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and now resides in Florida where he works remotely. When he’s not occupied with all thing’s consumer-product-related, you can find him playing with his yellow Jeep on the sandy Florida beaches. As for his hobbies, Corey enjoys collecting retro arcade games, cooking, and listening to classical music. Fun fact, he owns three pets: Axl Rose who is a golden retriever, Marley the mut, and a cat named Ralph (all females).

Corey Rocquin next to Jeep

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