F&I Reinsurance & Product Conference

November 14th – 16th, 2018

F&I Reinsurance 2018 Event

The 2018 F&I Reinsurance & Product Conference is brought to you by GPW and Associates. This is a top-rated event that features well-known speakers who have years of reinsurance and industry knowledge. The conference also has three main seminars that focus on the Fundamentals of Risk Transfer, Risk Transfer and Taxation, and Vehicle-Related Protection Products and Structure.

This year’s conference will provide in-depth information to all who attend. Hot topics will be covered, such as industry specific education, help and guidance in facing regulatory challenges, and much more. This is one of the best opportunities for insurance professionals and administrators, risk managers, tax professionals, and consultants to get together to network, collaborate, and learn. Not to mention, attendees will get to enjoy some great Arizona weather too!

A lot has happened in the industry since last year’s event, don’t miss out on attending this year!




Tempe Missions Palms
60 E 5th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281 United States
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January 24th – 27th, 2019

NADA 2019 Event

NADA 2019 will give industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors, and other key players insight to the latest innovations the industry has to offer. It is the premier event for new automotive products and technologies to be acknowledged, while key players in the industry connect and network with one another. The National Automobile Dealers Association has worked vigorously to put on the top event each year, and they have yet to fall short of their goals.

NADA brings together more than 500 manufacturers and suppliers of the best products and coolest technologies. It delivers the most comprehensive education program in the auto industry. Attendees can look forward to listening to expert speakers and participate in workshops throughout the show.

This conference is the most highly acclaimed event in which all who attend will walk away with new information and tools they can use to enhance their businesses.




Moscone Center
747 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 United States
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Warranty Chain Management

March 12th – 14th 2019

WCM 2019 Event

The Warranty Chain Management Conference is the premier event serving the warranty and service contract industry. It provides a great opportunity for professionals and executives in the space to come together and discuss warranty related topics and issues. The conference appeals to numerous companies in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and white goods industries. WCM also caters information to service providers and companies who develop the tools and software that support the warranty industries.

The event brings together top executives, VPs, senior managers, and senior contributors to share insights on the industry’s latest trends and innovations. Not only is WCM a great place to collaborate with peers, it is also a very informative event covering a wide array of topics such as best practices, managing processes, how to use warranty as a competitive advantage, and much more.

WCM is a conference you won’t want to miss!




The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Rd.
Orlando, FL 32809 United States
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