Success Story

How Torque Group increased their business 100% after converting to PCRS

Before converting, we felt frustrated and handcuffed—our legacy system slowed our business and progression down a lot.

Jerry Munselle – President, Torque Group

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Indiana, U.S.

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Torque Group LLC offers sales, F&I products and services to dealerships all over the country. Specializing in powersports, such as ATV, UTV, and offroad and onroad Motorcycles, Torque has evolved into one of the nation's leading independent F&I providers by providing the best solutions for over 15 years.


Torque Group’s legacy system lacked the flexibility to create and edit products quickly, often taking more than a quarter or two to get changes completed. They also didn’t have access to real-time dealer activity they needed in order to support their sales reps and agents because the data was always 30-40 days behind.


By implementing PCRS, Torque Group gained the flexibility to create programs on the fly without contacting PCMI. This allowed them to proactively respond to the market, solve problems quickly, and make strategic business decisions. Their sales reps and agents also gained real-time visibility into dealers’ activity by using the PCRS Agent Portal.


With a more powerful administration platform and real-time data available at their fingertips, Torque was able to increase business by 100% over a 12-month period and better support their dealers.

The Full Story

1. What was the main challenge you faced with your legacy system?

“The previous system we were using didn’t have complete and proper access that we needed, whether it was creating a program or editing a program, if it wasn’t working – we could, but it would take a quarter to two quarters to get those things completed. We just didn’t feel like that provided us with the level of service that we could give to our dealers. It didn’t provide us with the proper data that we needed to support our sales reps or our agents either.

We didn’t have access to all the data that we needed, and we didn’t have it in real-time either. It was always behind, maybe 30-45 days behind. Our team was feeling frustrated, we felt handcuffed a lot of times.”

2. How did that affect your business?

“We want to give the dealer the best value. For us not having our loss ratio data in real-time to where we need to make changes to a product or a coverage, or even a price – I know in one particular manner it got us into a place where we needed to do some price restructuring and it affected us in a negative way.”

3. Why did you choose PCRS over the competition?

“If I put it into one word: simplicity.

We looked at PCRS first and then we looked at all the other options available, and once we did that, we absolutely knew that PCRS was going to work the best for us. We looked at systems and other platforms again just to make sure we didn’t miss anything, and we said hey, this system does everything that we need it to do and it really simplifies everything. Maybe we weren’t asking the right questions while looking at other options because looking back it was crystal clear that PCRS was the system we wanted to go with.”

4. How was your experience converting to PCRS?

“For us it was simple. How long did it take? 90 days, maybe 100 days at the most. It was a lot faster than I thought. When you come up and do the 2-day training you leave with a lot of knowledge.”

5. How is PCRS the solution to your challenge?

“It’s helped us a lot with our sales reps and our agents because they must have real-time data at their fingertips. Again, it’s not 30-45 days late, we have that information as soon as a dealer does something – they can see it in real-time on their end of the portal. That’s helped us to solve problems for a dealership because we have data very quickly. Business-wise we’ve increased. I’d say we’ve increased business 100% in the last 12 months using PCRS.”

6. How quickly can you add products in PCRS?

“One thing that we pride ourselves on is listening to what our dealers want. Whether it’s making a change to a coverage, making a change to a product, even bundling a product or creating a new product, we’re able to do that with the feedback that we get from the dealers and we can translate that and put it into effect very quickly with this system.

If I needed to make a change to pricing, a coverage, or a form, that would take 30-45 days to get completed in the platform that we used prior. We do not have that challenge now. If it’s something we look at and it makes sense, it takes 24 hours. It’s that fast.”

7. Is there a significant difference in reliability and uptime with PCRS?

“The system doesn’t go down. We did experience that with the previous platform, and if your systems down for a day or two, or even a week, it can cost you a lot of business. We did experience that, and it’s something we have yet to experience with PCRS – and don’t anticipate that we will.”

8. How has PCRS benefitted your dealers?

“For our dealers, it’s a faster and simpler system. One of the challenges we had with the previous platform was how the dealership would pay for coverages and contracts that they generated. It was always a two or three-step process, which they did not like, and translated to us waiting to get paid for contracts. We get paid so much faster now with the one step payment process in PCRS. That’s been a major help.”

9. What type of integrations do you utilize with PCRS?

“We have several different menu companies that we integrate with. As far as DMS systems, before we only had the option to integrate with CDK Lightspeed. Now with the option to integrate with so many other menu vendors, it allows us to not only integrate with CDK Lightspeed, but we can also integrate with DX1, which is by far the number two DMS provider in the industry that we’re in, which is powersports.”

10. How has PCRS improved your day-to-day operations?

“For me and one of our managers, it frees us up to be more supportive to our reps and our agents that are out there in the field. It’s taken away a lot of the work from the administrative side, which is good because it’s all so simple now. From contracting, to claims, to receivables and payables – it’s freed us up to do what we need to do and that’s get more business.”

11. What would you say to other companies that are experiencing the same challenges?

“I would say look at PCRS, be open-minded, make the switch. It’s that simple!”

12. Do you wish you made the switch sooner?

“When I look back at the timeline, I think we could’ve pulled the switch 9-10 months sooner – I wish we would’ve done that. I can’t imagine we would have had the growth that we’ve had in the last 12-15 months if we had not made the switch to PCRS.”

I wish we would have pulled the trigger and made the switch 9-10 months sooner

Jerry Munselle – President, Torque Group