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PCMI Honored with ‘Most Innovative Administration Software Firm 2023’ by Acquisition International

December 5, 2023Awards
2023 Global Excellence Award - Most Innovative Administration Software Firm

F rom the voice of modern business, we are proud to announce that this year, Acquisition International has named PCMI one of the Most Innovative Administration Software Firms in the US!

To be considered for this award, a company must show evidence of significant achievements as well as demonstrate a clear commitment to innovation.

This recognition is a wonderful testament to the hard work illustrated by our team to deliver a scalable solution for each of our customers. And as the fifth award granted to PCMI by Acquisition International, this acknowledgment serves as great motivation to continue to improve and advance our PCRS administration software.

A huge thanks to all of our amazing partners and customers that make these accomplishments possible – you’ve helped shape PCMI with your contributions and we wouldn’t be where we’re at without you.

Let’s see what 2024 has in store!

As your technology partner, our mission is simple – we want to empower customers with our innovative administration software, PCRS, that drives growth and profitability by expanding product distribution, increasing customer retention, and reducing the cost of administration.

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