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6 Reasons your Homegrown System Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Our PCRS Administration Software

March 23, 2022PCRS Software
Homegrown vs PCRS

T he rate at which technology innovation is accelerating makes it difficult for an average internal IT team to consistently maintain a homegrown system. When your company made the decision to build internally, it was probably the best solution for you at the time but building vs. buying is potentially holding your team back. If you’re starting to feel restrained, it’s about time to weigh your options.

Take a look below at the reasons you should ditch your in-house legacy system and outsource your administration technology needs to a reliable vendor like PCMI.

1. Limited IT Team

Takes time away from other major internal projects Lets you accomplish your business goals while we handle software needs
Full focus isn’t on optimizing system Only focus is building innovative administration software
Longer wait times for enhancements Agile sprint approach to regularly launch enhancements
Limited resources to properly test, address bugs, and write clean code Proven QA and auditing processes
No designated support team Dedicated support teams across 3 global offices
Limited number of staff know and understand the code 85 developers improving our system
Technical skills gaps Specialists for each portion of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

2. Outdated Technology

Typically not cloud-based Delivered as SaaS cloud software
Insufficient time to learn about newest technology trends Dedicated team focused on implementing newest industry technologies
Even less time to upgrade to newest technology stack Automatic software updates with no disruption to business
Turns into an obsolete legacy system without the right skill and time 3 year winner of “Leaders in Administration Software for F&I Products” award

3. Major Security Risks

Usually hosted internally with little staff to monitor Backed by Rackspace 24/7 intensive white glove hosting
Upgrades to the system could cause downtime 99.8% uptime - Customized infrastructure to ensure system is always running smoothly
Potential disruptions to your business Detailed disaster recovery plan
Does not meet data compliance and security requirements Ensures data compliance and security needs are met
Lengthy process that usually takes a dedicated team to get a yearly security audit certification SSAE 18 SOC Compliance Security Audit certified

4. Lacks Features and Functionality

Built with only internal needs in mind 750+ enhancements a year driven by customer requests and industry demands, with 4 major releases yearly
Too customized and not flexible Flexible, comprehensive system
Developers lack industry knowledge to design intuitively Built by team of industry experts
Not user friendly Dedicated User Experience (UX) team

5. Integrations Not Supported

Few or no integrations 140+ API connections
Limits your ability to centralize your work Streamlines the entire administration process all in one system
Any integrations required can be timely and expensive Prebuilt integrations reduce setup cost

6. Restricts Scalability

Only supports lines of business at the time it was built Built to allow expansion into new markets with new products
Can’t support large increases in business data volume Processed over 50 million contracts and 27 million claims
Restricts ability to offer more products Connects to other PCMI customers who provide products you don’t, so you can offer your customers even more

And have you thought about all this?

When building and maintaining in-house software, it's extremely important to think about all of the secondary functionalities that will need to be implemented - often times, these can be overlooked. Take a look below at some of the most important capabilities PCRS provides that homegrown systems don't.

  • Governance, compliance, and audits
  • Various currencies and languages
  • Billing
  • Commissions
  • Remittance
  • Payments
  • Adjudication
  • Access rights

You'll wish you made the switch sooner

Staying in denial that your homegrown system can stick it out will end up costing you in the long run. Don’t waste any more time, learn more about how our PCRS administration software can help you stay competitive in today’s quickly evolving business world.

“We should’ve made the switch sooner. Our business increased by 100% after converting to PCRS, I can’t imagine we’d have that growth over the past year without it.”
– Jerry Munselle, President of Torque Group

62.7% of businesses select outsourced systems for their affordability, ease of installation, and minimal IT infrastructure

Outsourced systems increase efficiency by 35%, which is the top reason businesses made the switch

Outsourced systems reduce operational costs by 23%

Outsourced systems reduce administrative costs by 22%

82% said application outages and network downtime was significant enough to affect their business

Companies that have adopted cloud platforms report that they can bring new capabilities to market about 20-40% faster