Bringing Together Decades of Expertise

Dedicated to Innovation

Our PCMI leadership team is made up of industry experts who are dedicated to creating an environment of innovation and collaboration. We approach every single day as another opportunity to prove we are dedicated to being your technology partner.


President & CEO
Founded PCMI: 2012
Chief Information Officer
Started: 2021
Chief Product Officer
Started: 2012
Chief Development Officer
Started: 2012
Chief Tech & Security Officer
Started: 2017
Chief Solutions Officer
Started: 2016
Vice President of Business Development
Started: 2022
Vice President of Consumer & Home Products
Started: 2022

Directors and Managers

Software Development Lead
Started: 2012
OEM Project Manager
Started: 2012
Enterprise Architect
Started: 2013
BI Technical Lead
Started: 2014
Marketing Manager
Started: 2014
Quality Assurance Manager
Started: 2015
Business Dev Manager
Started: 2018
Director of F&I PMO
Started: 2019