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PCRS Customer Portal: Revolutionizing Vehicle Management

February 14, 2024PCRS Software
Customer Portal - Empower Your Customers, Elevate Your Brand

T he old process of manually collecting information from customers is long gone. PCMI has a new tool that’s designed for maximum efficiency for both administrators and contract holders. Our Customer Portal – an add-on to our PCRS Claims Administration Module – is a comprehensive solution for multi-vehicle management that optimizes the customer experience while saving administrators time and money.

This intuitive platform redefines policy holder engagement for F&I products on all their vehicles, creating a seamless experience and strengthening brand loyalty like never before. Discover the power of our vehicle management portal below!

How you (and your customers) can benefit

Allowing customers to take the driver’s seat when it comes to managing their vehicles provides much needed efficiency. By providing all the necessary tools and information your customers need, administrators simplify processes significantly. Our customers have seen remarkable results from utilizing our newest portal. One of the largest TPAs in the nation went from initiating 100% of their claims to a reduction of just 4% with customers initiating 60% and lenders initiating 36%!

TPA Customer Portal Claims Initiation without and with PCRS

Enhances brand loyalty

Customers can easily manage their vehicle contracts, promoting brand loyalty and encouraging return business to the original dealer. Our Customer Portal can also be branded to your business and allows users to steer to your website for more troubleshooting or additional needs.

Streamlines multi-vehicle management

Customers can digitally add additional vehicles as they purchase more vehicles and/or contracts. This portal provides insight into every aspect of a household’s vehicle maintenance schedule for seamless management.

Provides consumer data

Administrators can analyze product consumption per household, building consumer profiles for future use in behavior reports.

Removes bottlenecks

In today’s digital age, consumers want easy access to manage their vehicles. Our Customer Portal removes the dependency on customer service representatives, reducing call times and easing consumer frustration. Consumers can access the portal for questions on coverage, deductibles, where to take vehicles in case of issues, and more. This 24/7 self-service also assists in efficiency and increasing transparency for the TPA.

Powerful Features

The Customer Portal is both innovative and intuitive, providing key features that allow both the administrator and contract holder to automate vehicle management on their own time. See how PCRS enables both parties with our current features.


Consumers can securely register for the vehicle with a five step-validation process, including email validation for account creation. Administrators receive validated customer email addresses for ongoing, secure communication.

Add/Edit/View Claims

Customers can track their claims directly from the portal with the ability to enter and edit GAP claims dependent on claim status.

  • VSC (Vehicle Service Contract) – shows total claim costs for customers to realize the value of a product in savings
  • PPM (Prepaid Maintenance) – shows service schedule for customers to stay up to date with maintenance
  • GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) – allows users to report a total loss of vehicle 24/7 and manage their claim throughout the process

View and Download Contracts

Digital contracts allow customers and administrators to see basic summary information for each contract for a particular vehicle (Expiration, deductible, product, sale, etc.) and download a PDF of their contract that is mapped (but not a signed copy).

Administrative Management

PCRS Administrators can efficiently handle account management tasks, including resending activation links, adding/deleting contracts associated with user profiles, and manually managing additional vehicles on behalf of the consumer.

Happy customers = better business

In conclusion, our Customer Portal is not just a portal; it’s a game-changer in vehicle management, offering a seamless experience for consumers while saving time and money for administrators. Embrace the future of vehicle management with our PCRS Customer Portal.

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