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How PCRS Empowers Automotive OEMs

March 9, 2022PCRS Software
How PCRS Empowers Automotive OEM

A utomotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require an administration system that can offer scalability, exceptional customer experience, and innovative technology to help them grow, which is why so many OEMs have chosen PCRS to automate the lifecycle of their F&I products.

Our first major OEM selected PCRS as their global platform in 2012 after PwC recommended it as the most comprehensive administration system on the market. They came to this decision after conducting a 6-month study that analyzed over 40 vendors in the space.

Since then, PCRS has enabled many OEM customers to launch products globally, expanding into new markets like Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and more. This has enabled our software to evolve with enhancements specifically catered to help OEMs gain a competitive advantage.

Below are some of PCRS’s features and functionality that were built for OEMs:

Custom Interfaces

With our custom interfaces, there are countless opportunities to grow and scale. See how PCRS maximizes OEM processes below:

  • OEM incentive program based upon vehicle penetration (RDR)
  • A link on your OEM portal
  • GL/AR SAP interface (debit & credit card level)
  • F&I reporting as a percentage of new vehicle sales
  • Billing through the parts statement
  • Interface to import OEM parts and labor times to automate claims
  • Field and BDM reporting
  • CFC and NCFC reinsurance module
  • OEM Service Drive

Sales Channel Control

PCRS offers a hub for your dealers to offer best-of-breed products to instantly diversify and expand your sales channels by connecting real-time to other PCRS systems or connecting to new ones.

  • Connect with other providers to offer additional products
  • Present all of these products on one PCRS screen for your dealers
  • Administer claims or take a hybrid approach of outsourcing claims for specialty products that you still want to bill for
Hub for your dealer to offer best-of-breed products

This approach provides you with one consolidated system.

one consolidated system - PCRS

Dealer Claims Submission

These capabilities allow OEMs to have a direct relationship with consumers, lenders, and dealers, automating and streamlining processes.

  • Streamline Claim Entry
  • Automated Adjudication Rules
  • Workflow to Support Processing
  • Email Alerts to Stakeholders
  • Audit & Risk Management Reports
  • Consumer Portal to Initiate Claim
  • Lender Portal to settle claims faster
  • Gets payments to lenders and consumers quicker

Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Complete Visibility

Complete visibility for the administrator, dealer, and dealer group to see sales and cancellations in four key areas of the dealership:

  • F&I Office
  • Service Drive
  • Dealer Consumer Portals
  • Finance shop at home buy your car portal

Centralized Billing & Accounting

Centralized billing and accounting allows the dealer to receive and pay for a single invoice, which leads to additional automation that reduces administration expenses.

Comprehensive Participation Statements

Comprehensive participation statements for F&I managers who make the sale and dealer incentive programs for achieving targets.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

Our global platform handles multiple languages and currencies.

Risk Management

Protected from market disruption, PCRS risk management enables compliance, acquisitions, and management changes.

Vendor Management

Receive best in market products while maximizing pricing and underwriting results.

New Dealer Technology

PCMI’s advanced technology anticipates customer needs and provides comprehensive features for maximum results.


With over 140 API connections, reduce integration costs with our open sales platform.

In Conclusion

PCRS is a cloud-based solution that offers a flexible package for the administration of F&I Products, Service Contracts, and Extended Warranties.

Our software features countless modules including Open Sales Platform, F&I Reporting, Policy Administration, and Risk Management that are all completely customizable to meet your company’s unique needs.

We’re excited to show how our scalable system can allow users to enhance business growth and streamline integration. Click below to learn more about how our technology can enable you and your team.

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