Driving Successful OEM Extended Warranty Management

In this industry, performance matters. As an OEM, you take pride in delivering performance and quality in every part and vehicle you build. But performance doesn’t stop there. OEMs need a warranty administration system that delivers the same level of performance you would expect in your vehicles. Systems that are powerful, flexible, scalable, adaptable, and put more control in your hands. PCRS is that kind of system. Built for OEMs to provide incomparable management for their vehicle protection plans and contracts.

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Own the Entirety of Your Product Experience

If you are outsourcing your VSC and product administration, you lose control of your programs and rely on third parties to provide the best experience for your customers. On the other side, building a whole system takes a lot of time, and is often rife with complications as you test your software. Instead, you need to focus on the customer experience. PCRS is designed with that in mind, making a truly customer-first SaaS platform that connects all aspects of your admin process.


Speed, Flexibility, and Control

PCRS gives you the tools you need to build effective protection products that meet the demands of your customers while enabling you to react quickly to evolving market needs.

  • Create and launch competitive products in days
  • Automate full lifecycle of all your products
  • Take full control of your warranty programs
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Evolving Industry

With the push for more electric vehicle (EV) production and demand for direct-to-consumer options, extended warranty management is significantly changing. PCRS provides the flexibility you need to adapt and evolve your products to meet these kinds of market demands.

Get Connected

Leverage our ecosystem of unparalleled industry integrations to seamlessly connect with the industry services you need to run your warranty program.

  • Direct integration with all major menu, DMS and Desking Tools
  • Connect with more than 140 industry partners
  • One system with single sign-on (SSO)
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Control Your Sales Channel

Directly administer your protection products or access our sales hub that’s a network of PCRS TPAs to offer products you don’t currently support, instantly diversifying your sales channel.

Dealer Participation

Dealer relationships are extremely important. PCRS simplifies dealer participation and provides you the tools you need to effectively manage financial reporting for your warranty programs.

  • DOWC, Retro, Cash Advance, Reinsurance (CFC/NCFC)
  • Can quote and share across different types
  • Flexibility to run multiple programs
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