On-Demand Webinar - Increasing Sales

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Increasing Sales

DURATION: 30 min

DATE: Apr 30, 2020

Greg and Sean discuss how PCRS enables clients to grow their business through its configurable structure, quick launch, and APIs.

  • Competitive advantages of SaaS vs. PaaS
  • Utilizing PCRS to empower your business
  • Demo: real-time sales visibility

PCMI Hosts

Greg Kasprzycki - Webinar

Greg Kasprzycki

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the strategy and execution of the product roadmap for PCRS. This includes product vision, innovation, and development to ensure that the company satisfies customer needs. With 20+ years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of our PCRS system, Greg is able to balance the goals of our software with the business needs.

Sean Mangan

Sean Mangan

Business Dev Manager

Sean oversees business development and sales for PCMI, combining his passion for technology and the automotive industry to help PCMI reach new sales goals. He is responsible for managing the sales pipeline, establishing communication channels with clients, and promoting our brand as well as the benefits of our PCRS software. Sean is committed to building trusted, long-lasting relationships with PCMI’s customer base, using his expertise to evaluate issues, develop solutions, and implement strategies to ensure our solutions consistently provide top-level results to our customers.