Safe Families for Children

Over the years, PCMI has adopted Safe Families for Children as our company charity. The goal of Safe Families is to prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system, and support and stabilize families. The charity is celebrating their 20th anniversary and as time goes on, they’re continuously expanding their chapters.

PCMI’s Involvement

The monetary donations PCMI has made to Safe Families has allowed their Chicago location to fund construction of their “Safe Families closet”. This is a location that supplies clothing, toys, and supplies to children of all ages, and was completed shortly before COVID-19, which tremendously helped tons of families during this difficult time.

As our adopted company charity, we will continue to support Safe Families as a team and make a difference for those in need.

To learn more, read this latest article written by Fox News about the Safe Families program in Chicago.

More Ways We Get Involved