Don't just take our word for it.

“Before converting, we felt frustrated and handcuffed—our legacy system slowed our business and progression down a lot.”

Jerry Munselle – President
Torque Group


“Our sales doubled in our first year with PCRS, and we are currently up 289%.”

Matt Fehr – President


"PCRS has provided us the ability to quickly launch new clients and have all of the necessary insurance related data and reporting components in place for our business with very little configuration needed. Their support team has been very helpful and responsive to our needs."

Hornbeam Insurance
JULIE MESSER – Sr. Vice President

"The adoption from our consumers and lenders of the PCRS Gap Claims Portal has exceeded our expectations! The implementation and transition to our new PCRS has been seamless with the help of the PCMI team. A huge milestone for both of us!"

JMA Group Logo Testimonial
DEBBIE BATTISTO – Vice President

"The time, effort, and dedication of the PCMI Team to the implementation of our new Administration Platform has been outstanding. I could not be happier with the commitment to our success consistently demonstrated at all levels of the organization."

Cars Protection Plus Testimonials Logo
RICK TUDOR – Vice President Operations

"We are excited to gain the robust PCRS administration platform along with the integration options available, which will allow us to compete with much larger providers by providing the same top level of administration and claims support to our customers."

Avanta Guard logo
MATT FEHR – President

"PCMI has truly acted as our technology partner - aiding us to substantially grow and scale service delivery for our clients and their consumers. Thanks to their feature sets, we were able to support our business processes across our customers, and truly focus on delivering great customer product service experiences."

Onpoint Logo testimonial
ROB CHRISTIAN – President & Founder

"Extend is the licensed and appointed administrator for various insurance companies who support us, and we use PCRS as our back-end system of record because they’re so well-known and trusted."

Extend logo

“Most automobile dealers have reinsurance programs, which they view as significant profit centers for their businesses. PCRS supports these important reinsurance programs by providing dealers with a comprehensive tool that will let them see the results of their reinsurance business and help manage and maximize profitability. We look forward to leveraging PCMI’s integrated software solution to provide a quicker and improved process for reinsurance.”

JACKIE BANKS – Vice President

"As an administrative partner, PCMI represents the cleanest and most intuitive platform we’ve ever used. While the transition between any software is challenging, we were lucky to have Jen and Greg as resources during our onboarding period. Now an integral part of our culture, PCMI/PCRS has allowed for our quick growth…and we’re still convinced we’re operating on the best platform available."

Permasafe logo testimonial

"I am truly amazed at PCMI's unparalleled ability to understand the needs of our company and operations in order to develop and implement process and training modules. They have a strong ability to listen and understand people."

Flamingo Logo Testimonial
ENRIQUE WIDAUSKI – Project Development Manager

"Because we have PCRS on the backend, we are able to manage multiple insurer relationships with one integration point."

Extend logo
PEDRO RODRIGUEZ – Senior Vice President of Insurance & Strategy

“We feel that PCMI’s PCRS platform is the most comprehensive system that enables our agents and dealers to increase sales and deliver best in class service. In addition, the data analytic capabilities allows our staff to interpret results clearly in a manner that makes sense to our specific market sector. The platform tailors to our specific needs and allows the dealership operation to develop and grow – which is a critical factor.”

McGraw Powersports Logo - testimonial
JIM LEE – Chief Information Officer

“Incorporating the PCRS administration software into our workflow will enhance internal systems, allowing us to calculate losses in real-time, improve claims processes, and accelerate data entry and cancellations – streamlining our entire operation.”


"PCMI has been excellent in helping us to implement the PCRS system and in converting and importing our legacy data into PCRS. We haven't seen another company with this broad of a range of capabilities or the flexibility to adapt the system to our requirements. They really understand both the business and the technologies. Special thanks to PCMI Support team for being always available and for such rapid solutions to our particular concerns."

PWC Logo testimonial
JOHN O’HARA – IT Manager

"I want to send my compliments to the PCMI staff.  Our implementation was an extremely complicated process that I knew absolutely nothing about. I appreciate all the support teams efforts and others to make sure this was a smooth process.  PCMI has an excellent team and they demonstrate the value of PCMI and its products."

Advantage product pipeline logo testimonial
MICHAEL SALGAT – Operations Manager

"We unanimously as a management team selected the PCMI solution. Part of the decision-making process was the quick and rapid deployment, flexible product design, and transparent reporting that our dealers really rely on."

Caregard Logo Testimonial
GUY KOENIG – President