Modernize Your Warranty Technology Experience

Let’s be honest…data, technology and customer experience are the top three challenges you face as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) when trying to launch and analyze products. Configuring the perfect software experience that enables product growth is key to overcoming these challenges.

That’s why PCMI has passionately developed our system, PCRS, around the needs of a TPA. Our tools-enabled solution helps you create a uniquely connected platform that automates the full lifecycle of your warranty programs to ensure you’re achieving maximum ROI.


As a TPA, you’re facing an uphill battle with the need for modern technology.

Technology that connects with every platform your clients use, as well as being able to manage and manipulate the data you’ve collected on that platform. This is why using SaaS technology that is managed by a team of specialists can be so helpful for your growth. At the end of the day, PCRS is designed to give you the power to make all the right moves to create a truly connected customer experience.



PCRS is a modern, fully configurable, SaaS-based solution designed to streamline your warranty management processes and operations. With functionality that addresses every aspect of the warranty value chain, PCRS is an all-inclusive administration platform for managing all warranty aspects, including:

  • Policy Administration
  • Claims Management
  • F&I Reporting and Analytics
  • Dealer Participation
  • Performance Reporting
  • Sales Enablement
TPA Configurable
TPA - own the entire process

Own the Entire Process

Nothing is more frustrating than your products being misrepresented in the menu process. With PCRS, TPAs own the full product lifecycle from conception to distribution and reporting, connecting you with your distribution partners, and providing a customer-first experience.

TPAs using PCRS have:

  • Administered over 64M contracts
  • Processed over 30M claims
  • Presented in 16k dealerships
  • Supported 174k repair shops

Should You Build or Buy Your Software?

Outdated technology can affect your ability to properly manage your data. It can also inhibit product development and client interaction as your software becomes more back-office focused with less emphasis on user experience. PCRS is designed around the concept of growth and scalability.

  • Over 140 integrations available to connect your platform
  • Create and launch competitive products in days
  • Customer success and development teams available
  • Manage product and sales management
OEM - Get Connected
OEM - Dealer Participation

Dealer Participation

Dealer relationships are extremely important. PCRS simplifies dealer participation and provides you the tools you need to effectively manage financial reporting for your warranty programs.

  • DOWC, Retro, Cash Advance, Reinsurance (CFC/NCFC)
  • Can quote and share across different types
  • Flexibility to run multiple programs

Evolving Industry

With the push for more electric vehicle (EV) production and demand for direct-to-consumer options, warranty management is significantly changing. PCRS provides the flexibility you need to adapt and evolve your products to meet these kinds of market demands.

OEM - evolving industry

Ready to Become a Modern TPA?

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