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PCMI Achieves Microsoft Gold Certification

October 12, 2016PCRS Software

Microsoft Gold Certification

Recently, the PCMI team achieved Microsoft Gold Certification Status! Attaining this level means that PCMI has reached the highest level of expertise with Microsoft technologies, and that Microsoft has noted that the company commits itself to using those technologies for the interests of itself and its’ clients. This is an extremely recognized partnership program that allows PCMI certain advantages, such as exclusive access to Microsoft tools and well as ongoing training programs.

In order to achieve Microsoft Gold Certification Status, PCMI team members had to meet the requirements set forth by Microsoft. One of the main tasks that members of the PCMI team achieved was that they had to pass certification exams issued by Microsoft. As a team, PCMI was able to accomplish this and is proud of our individual team members who dedicated their time and expertise to acquiring this high-level status by passing these tests.

By being committed to the evolving technologies Microsoft provides, we are able to keep ourselves and our clients up to date to ever-changing environments. We could not be happier to have achieved the Microsoft Gold Certification Status, and we will continue working to maintain this status and always learning more.

“We are happy to have taken the opportunity to up our game and improve our coding standards. We are excited to continue making our product world class!!” – Hari Madanaraj, VP of Software Development