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Powering Extended Warranty Providers with Rackspace

May 2, 2018PCRS Software

W ant to know why our customers trust the uptime and reliability of PCRS? In 2012, we went the extra mile to partner with Rackspace, the leader in managed hosting services, who built us a customized infrastructure to keep our software running smoothly and securely. Rackspace provides PCMI with white-glove intensive support, which ensures our team is able to meet the data compliance and data security needs of our customers. We can also focus and dedicate our time to working on the continued enhancement of the PCRS platform and providing the most comprehensive software package for the administration of F&I Products, Service Contracts, and Extended Warranties.

Working with Rackspace allows PCMI to be a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, meaning the PCRS software is licensed on a subscription basis, is centrally hosted at Rackspace data centers, and does not require PCMI clients to perform any software downloads and installations. There are many advantages our customers gain from PCMI utilizing this approach.

Advantages for our Customers

There are many advantages our customers gain from PCMI utilizing this approach: Lower up-front costs, Fewer additional and personnel costs, Quick deployment times and automatic updates, Streamlined training processes, Set-up and updates of servers maintained for you, Secure data access, Less risk of downtime, and Use anytime, anywhere, from any device.
In this video, Mark Nagelvoort, PCMI’s President & CEO, talks about hosting applications on the Rackspace managed infrastructure. “Rackspace has been able to meet different needs in a very cost-effective manner for us,” Nagelvoort explains, “Our team, being a dedicated team, can focus on building the PCRS app while letting Rackspace take care of the data center.”

By working with Rackspace, PCMI can provide customers with the utmost confidence that their data is in a compliant and secure environment.  We will continue to invest in our platform to find ways to improve data management and sales opportunities for our customers to enable them to increase their sales.

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