Webinar - Designing, Selling, and Marketing F&I Products & Services for EVs

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Designing, Selling and Marketing F&I Products & Services for Electric Vehicles

DURATION: 48 min

DATE: September 22, 2022

Join us as we dive into the world of electric vehicles with Josh and James to identify best practices for positioning and promoting F&I products and services.

  • Calculating the risks of providing EV coverage
  • Designing new products based on changes in technology
  • Exploring unique offerings to cater to this strategic market
  • Positioning EV for sales and marketing


Mark Nagelvoort - Webinar

Mark Nagelvoort


A seasoned executive in the industry, Mark has dedicated 30+ years to developing software administration systems. He specializes in using his expansive knowledge to help customers establish all phases of their extended warranty programs including sales, policy and claim administration, risk management, and offshore reinsurance within our PCRS software.


Webinar Speaker - Josh Bass

Josh Bass

VP of Product Dev @ JM&A

As the VP of Product Development for JM&A Group, Josh is responsible for leading new product and service innovation in Automotive F&I. Prior to this, he held various leadership positions at JM Family Enterprises, most recently as VP of Corporate Enterprise Strategy. Josh has also held leadership roles in product development, emerging technology, and strategy.

Webinar Speaker - James Davies

James Davies

VP Repair Analytics Division @ J.D. Power

James previously served as the Founder & CEO of We Predict, which was recently acquired by J.D. Power where he is now the VP Repair Analytics Division. We Predict, the UK-based provider of global automotive service and warranty analytics, was formed in 2009 and is used by auto manufacturers and suppliers to project future component failures and future warranty claims and costs.