On-Demand Webinar - Automating Dealership Payments

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Automating Dealership Payments

DURATION: 35 min

DATE: Oct 22, 2020

See how PCMI simplifies and automates payments between dealers and administrators via our integration with Infintech.

  • Enhanced payment processes
  • Online status updates
  • Secure transaction monitoring
  • Infintech integration onboarding process
  • System demo – signing up and processing ACH transactions

PCMI Hosts

Mark Nagelvoort - Webinar

Mark Nagelvoort


A seasoned executive in the industry, Mark has dedicated 30+ years to developing software administration systems. He specializes in using his expansive knowledge to help customers establish all phases of their extended warranty programs including sales, policy and claim administration, risk management, and offshore reinsurance within our PCRS software.

Randy Price headshot

Randy Price

Implementation Specialist/Trainer

Randy provides training to clients on the PCRS application and curriculum/knowledge documentation. He functions as the dedicated auto trainer, working closely with Project Managers to onboard new clients. He serves as our knowledge resource to answer client training questions and continued education/updates to existing clients.


Matt Valego headshot

Matt Valego

VP of Regional Sales @ Infintech

As part of the Infintech team in various capacities for 11+ years, Matt has been instrumental in working with Infintech's flagship partners in addition to serving as the go-to contact for Infintech’s multi-location franchise customers. Matt specializes in software integration, better enabling merchants in need of integrated payment systems.