Webinar - coming out of covid and achieving long-term business resilience

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Coming Out of COVID – Achieving Long-Term Business Resilience

DURATION: 44 min

DATE: June 24, 2021

Mark discusses with guests Jerry and Dan how 2020 tested their resiliency and propelled their growth.

  • Lessons learned from 2020
  • How it affected their business
  • The keys to their success – ability to scale
  • Their plans for continued 2021 success and beyond


Mark Nagelvoort - Webinar

Mark Nagelvoort


A seasoned executive in the industry, Mark has dedicated 30+ years to developing software administration systems. He specializes in using his expansive knowledge to help customers establish all phases of their extended warranty programs including sales, policy and claim administration, risk management, and offshore reinsurance within our PCRS software.


Guest Speaker Dan Brancaccio

Dan Brancaccio

Managing Partner @ PermaSafe

Dan helps to guide the ship at PermaSafe – an auto-derived chemical manufacturer and program administrator. Dan is realistic, embraces challenges, and enjoys the how and why of stuff - and improving on it, or applying it in a different way. He’s painfully detailed and sometimes critical, but only because he wants the best for his team, their clients, and their families. Outside the office, Dan loves cars, carbs, and the coast. His family is his whole world.

Guest Speaker Jerry Munselle

Jerry Munselle

President @ Torque Group

Jerry spent nine years in the Powersports business before forming Torque Group. He now has an Admin office located in Evansville, IN and a Sales office located in Lakeland, FL.