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Partnered with ADP

December 12, 2012Press Release

ADP‐PCMI Agreement Offers Dealers, Agents and Administrators Integrated Tools for Selling and Servicing Aftermarket Products Including Extended Warranties

Des Plaines, IL, Dec. 6, 2012 – PCMI Corporation has signed a bi‐directional integration agreement with ADP Dealer Services to improve the capabilities of PCMI’s cloud‐based software solutions that enhance how auto dealers sell, service and administer extended warranties and other aftermarket products in F&I and the service drive.

The efficiency, speed, and processing accuracy of PCMI’s aftermarket product sales solution ‐ along with its deep aftermarket product sales performance reporting tools‐‐ enables auto dealers to realize unique revenue opportunities to be more competitive. PCMI is the first ADP Third Party Access Program provider certified for Aftermarket Product Sales in the service department.

PCMI’s customizable and modular solution makes adding functionality to an existing aftermarket products support system quick and easy. Complete system deployment of all three modules – sales and support, claims management, and aftermarket portfolio performance – is likewise fast and minimally disruptive.

ADP’s Third Party Access Program provides an open, secure and integrated channel for third-party providers to access the dealer management system. ADP currently has more than 100 such application providers participating in this program. Mark Nagelvoort, CEO of PCMI, congratulates ADP on providing both a domestic and international interface that is secure and easy for the dealer to implement.

This international ADP agreement pertains to PCMI’s open platform serving three key profit areas of the auto dealership:

  • Deal Management: Conveniently contains product presentation, eRating, eContracting and eRemittance to support the sale and accounting of aftermarket products including extended warranties sold at the time a vehicle is purchased.
  • Service Department Aftermarket Product Sales: Enables the sale of Aftermarket Products in the service drive.
  • Service Department Aftermarket Warranty Administration: Automates the claim adjudication process including the ability to retrieve a repair order. The solution pulls the repair order out of the DMS, identifies respective charges permissible within predetermined parameters and automatically credits the dealership’s account. This enables the service advisor to be more productive as they no longer have to stop work, call an administrator for routine approval or manually enter claims data into a portal.

Auto dealers using ADP’s DMS systems now have a unique advantage in the market, in that PCMI offers them an approved third‐party solution for improving the sale, claims management and revenue reporting of profit‐building aftermarket products like extended warranties, Etch, GAP, theft‐deterrent products and others, whether at vehicle purchase time or later in the service drive.

PCMI software is available in different languages to support clients’ international operations. The company’s Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions (PCRS) application streamlines workflow for TPA’s, Insurers and Agents servicing auto dealers.

For more information, contact Mark Nagelvoort, CEO, at (847) 653-6916.

About PCMI Corporation

PCMI Corporation provides the technology to increase sales and provide automation in the administration of extended warranties, service contracts, prepaid maintenance, theft prevention and detection, GAP and manufacturer’s warranty claims. Founded in 2010, company leadership brings decades of policy claim and reporting software technology to market. Its software supports domestic and international markets for auto, consumer and home extended warranty providers.

PDF: Agreement with ADP