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K1 Speed Indoor Go-Kart Racing

July 15, 2016PCMI Culture

Last week, the PCMI Chicago team enjoyed an afternoon off to partake in a “Need for Speed” race at K1 Speed Indoor Go-Kart Racing. The team was signed up to compete in two races – the first based on lap times and the second based on finishing places.  The stakes were high as multiple team members wanted to be known as the fastest driver in the office, but only one would be crowned the champion.

About 17 people participated in racing and a few sat on the sidelines to cheer the teams on.  After learning safety rules, strapping on helmets, and getting assigned to a go-kart, it was finally time to turn the engines on.  The green flag was waved and the drivers were off!

The adrenaline was pumping and the spectators were buzzing when the drivers started passing the checkered start line.  Although there were a few crashes and speed bumps along the way in the first race, by the second race, everyone eventually got the hang of driving fast. Aga Williams and Anne Marie Pasternock were bystanders who were there to see the bumps, crashes, and screeches up close.

Once the races were complete it was time for the podium ceremony to highlight the top racers. Congratulations to our Gold Medal winner, Karl Miller. His “pedal to the metal” racing style brought him out on top, followed by our Silver Medal winner, Greg Kasprzycki and Bronze Medal winner Laura Kotz. These three spent weeks arguing about who would win the race and all three ended up placing!

Medals for most improved were also awarded to team members who showed persistence.  Congratulations to our Gold Medal winner Grace Han, followed in a close Silver and Bronze by Jen Murrin and Mark Nagelvoort.

A job well done to all that participated! This race was a great bonding experience, and seeing the medals hanging around the office still brings smiles, laughter, and competitive conversations. Re-match anyone?

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