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PCMI’s “Women’s Outing” Adventure

April 5, 2017PCMI Culture

On Saturday, March 25th the women of PCMI’s Chicago team embarked on a “Women’s Outing” adventure! The women decided to be daring and courageous for the first outing and go to The Escape Game Chicago. Since nobody had been to an escape room before, all that were able to attend were excited and eager to attempt to escape, while also bonding and building team skills outside of the office environment.

The women had four room options to choose from, and they decided to take on the challenge of the “Prison Break” room. The room took them back in time, where they were wrongfully accused of a crime and sentenced to life in prison. The women had to get in character and get used to “Home Sweet Prison”, in order to strategically think, use their leadership skills, and collaborate in order to get out. There were 8 participants in total and the group had one hour to try to escape the most difficult room the company has to offer!

The stakes were high, as nobody wanted to leave the game without receiving an “I Escaped” sticker to prove that they had figured out the most difficult puzzles and challenges. However, the women fell a bit short as time on the clock expired and they were still not free. All tried their best and enjoyed the time spent together. Even though the women did not escape this time, they still received an “I Almost Escaped” sticker, and enjoyed many laughs together. Graphic Designer Kelsey Maton stated, “The Escape Game women’s outing was fun and challenging all at the same time. It was a great teambuilding activity and I was glad that I got to know my coworkers even more outside of the office. We learned that we each have a different set of skills and how to best use them as a team.”

Special thanks to President & CEO – Mark Nagelvoort for coming up with the idea to have regular “Women’s Outings”. All the women had a blast, and are already looking forward to the next event – Zumba!

To learn more about The Escape Game Chicago, visit their website:

PCMI Women's Outing - The Escape Game Chicago