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PCMI Team Members Journey to Thailand

June 1, 2017PCMI Culture

Last week, PCMI team members from the PCMI Sp zo. o. office journeyed to Chiang Mai to visit the Thailand team! Peter Smolkowicz, Senior Software Architect, and Olena Sydorak, Mid-Level QA Analyst, made the trip and were not only excited, but also eager to train and work with the Thailand team members. This was the first time that both were visiting the Thailand office, so they were happy to be able to experience the different office environment and culture.

While spending the week in Chiang Mai, Peter and Olena showcased tools and topics to train on in order to help the Thailand team increase productivity and overall quality. The topics that the team members trained on included, but were not limited to, JIRA, Confluence, Scrum, and general application training. The Thailand team members were very intrigued by the information they were being provided, and enjoyed learning with team members from the PCMI Poland team. All thoroughly enjoyed collaborating together and learning from each other throughout the week. The team members also enjoyed a dinner together one of the nights, in which they enjoyed delicious Thai cuisine and got acquainted with one another.

Peter’s and Olena’s trip was not all work, as it also allowed them to tour Chiang Mai and see some of its exciting landmarks. Peter and Olena were able to visit the zoo, see the main temple of Chiang Mai, and walk in the city center. They were also able to cross items off their “to do” list while visiting Thailand, such as see the Buddhist temples, ride an elephant, hug a tiger, eat insects and Thai traditional dishes, and receive a Thai massage.

Both Peter and Olena are grateful they were given the opportunity to travel and visit the Chiang Mai office, and both are counting down the days until they can do it again!

Peter and Olena