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Enhanced Claims Automation: PCMI Integrates Truepic’s Technology

May 4, 2023Press Release
New Integration - truepic

Combined technology will further enhance dealers’ online claims submissions

Park Ridge, IL – PCMI (Policy Claims Management International), a leading provider of administration software for the warranty and service management markets, today announced integration with Truepic, provider of authenticity infrastructure for the Internet, as part one of the company’s strategy to deploy claims AI automation.

PCMI’s software, Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions™ (PCRS) claims management module, combined with Truepic’s virtual inspection technology, will help streamline dealers’ online claim submissions. Together, this technology can validate claims through images and videos with the help of computer vision, a field of Artificial Intelligence, to speed up the submission process and get dealers paid quicker.

Truepic’s virtual inspection platform, Truepic Vision, will allow PCMI’s customers to choose between physical inspections and digital inspections that use secure, authenticated images and videos. Their transparency technology ensures the authenticity and verification of photos, videos, and documents from the moment they’re captured, reducing the risk of fraud. With Truepic, PCMI can accelerate the process for customers and eliminate the possibility of manipulated photos or videos being reused for multiple claims.

“I’m impressed with the commitment Truepic has made to seamlessly integrate their platform with PCRS,” said Mark Nagelvoort, CEO of PCMI. “I’m very excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

“Truepic Vision drives operational efficiency and productivity. Not only will PCMI and their clients save time, money, and resources, but they will also be able to mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims. We are excited about this partnership and eager to assist PCMI in providing a secure and convenient option to their clients via virtual inspections.”
Craig Stack, Founder and President of Truepic

About PCMI

PCMI offers a modular package of software solutions for the administration of Finance & Insurance Products, Service Contracts, and Extended Warranties. Our SaaS platform, Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions™ (PCRS), supports and automates the full lifecycle of these products with a full suite of core solutions that includes policy and claims management, billing and financials, reinsurance, risk management and more.

PCMI’s advanced knowledge of the industry allows the company to provide the fastest and most flexible environment for administrators, insurers, OEM’s, agents, and dealers to launch new F&I products. PCMI’s team of 180+ individuals with a global presence in the U.S., Europe, and Asia enables continuous around-the-clock innovation, customer-focused support, and quick speed to market.

About Truepic

Truepic provides authenticity infrastructure for the Internet. The company’s transparency tools deliver verifiable information about the origin and editing history of digital content. Truepic is dedicated to advancing products and services that establish transparency in digital content, empowering viewers and users to identify authenticity and differentiate human from computer-generated. Recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions and Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, consumers, businesses, creators, and publishers trust Truepic’s technologies to make informed decisions. For more information, visit

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