On-Demand Webinar - Reaching New Markets with PaaS

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Reaching New Markets with PaaS

DURATION: 47 min

DATE: May 28, 2020

Mark and Greg go through the extendable capabilities of our PCRS PaaS software as guest host Ben Draper of Sym-Tech shares how this cloud-based solution worked for them.

  • PCMI’s PaaS journey
  • Adding products from other apps
  • Building subscription-based products
  • Why Sym-Tech utilizes PaaS

PCMI Hosts

Mark Nagelvoort - Webinar

Mark Nagelvoort


A seasoned executive in the industry, Mark has dedicated 30+ years to developing software administration systems. He specializes in using his expansive knowledge to help customers establish all phases of their extended warranty programs including sales, policy and claim administration, risk management, and offshore reinsurance within our PCRS software.

Greg Kasprzycki - Webinar

Greg Kasprzycki

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the strategy and execution of the product roadmap for PCRS. This includes product vision, innovation, and development to ensure that the company satisfies customer needs. With 20+ years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of our PCRS system, Greg is able to balance the goals of our software with the business needs.


Ben Draper headshot

Ben Draper

Chief Information Officer @ Sym-Tech

Ben is an experienced IT professional with exceptional business acumen. Benjamin's current position is Chief Information Officer at Sym-Tech Dealer Services. For more than 25 years Benjamin has applied his business acumen to implement innovative technical solutions. These solutions were always practical and financially astute and helped Fortune 500 and large Government organizations meet their goals. Benjamin has worked with various industries and government departments, but has been focused in the financial sector for the last 20+ years. Benjamin is an international resource having worked in Canada, USA, Bermuda and the UK which gives him a global view of business and the available technologies. He has managed teams of talented team members using his deep management skills to ensure team cohesion and business alignment.