On-Demand Webinar - Reinsurance

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DURATION: 1 hr 11 min

DATE: May 7, 2020

Learn how PCRS streamlines the process of producing reinsurance cession statements, with guest host Greg Petrowski of GPWA.

  • Quota share
  • Online drill down and frequency
  • Audit trail
  • Reinsurance buyout programs
  • Forecasted unearned premium reserve
  • Cession statements
  • Trust requirements / LOC
  • Warehousing reinsurance data prior to company formation
  • Stop-loss/CLIP programs
  • Integration with your current administration system

PCMI Hosts

Mark Nagelvoort - Webinar

Mark Nagelvoort


A seasoned executive in the industry, Mark has dedicated 30+ years to developing software administration systems. He specializes in using his expansive knowledge to help customers establish all phases of their extended warranty programs including sales, policy and claim administration, risk management, and offshore reinsurance within our PCRS software.

Prudhvi - Webinar

Prudhvi Gandamalla

BI Technical Lead

Prudhvi is the Technical Lead for PCMI’s Business Intelligence team, where she works to ensure our BI solutions perform at peak productivity and functionality. She applies her widespread knowledge and experience to guarantee our systems exceed our customers’ expectations and business needs. She is also the product owner and subject-matter expert of our PCRS Reinsurance module. Together, she and Mark built the module from scratch to include viewing individual sales performance for dealers, claims activity, earnings, financials, and accounting statements.


Greg Petrowski

Greg Petrowski

Senior VP/Secretary/Treasurer @ GPWA

Gregory is a Senior Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer of GPW and Associates, Inc. (GPWA), an actuarial and consulting firm. He has over 30 years of technical and practical experience in the PORC and captive industries. His lists as his clients a significant number of major insurance companies, national banks, and automobile dealers/dealer groups. His fields of expertise include regulatory filings, accounting, taxation and tax planning for insurance companies, reinsurance treaty review and negotiation, profitability analysis of blocks of business, financial projections for both statutory and GAAP accounting and non-insurance accounting and tax matters.