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The Admin System Lifecycle: Is your Administration System Constraining your Ability to Grow?

Mark, Greg, and Doug discuss the admin system lifecycle and how your current system could potentially be constraining the ability to grow.

DURATION: 75 min

PCMI HOST: Mark Nagelvoort

GUESTS: Greg MyersBeecher Carlson and Doug BellExtended Warranty and Service Contract Consulting

DATE: December 9, 2021

What We Cover
  • How to know when it’s time to replace your admin system
  • Competing in today’s Assurance Products marketplace
  • The non-negotiables of a good admin system
  • Tips for making a smooth business transformation
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Coming Out of COVID – Achieving Long-Term Business Resilience

Mark discusses with guests Jerry and Dan how 2020 tested their resiliency and propelled their growth.

DURATION: 44 min

PCMI HOST: Mark Nagelvoort

GUESTS: Jerry MunselleTorque Group and Dan BrancaccioPermaSafe

DATE: June 24, 2021

What We Cover
  • Lessons learned from 2020
  • How it affected their business
  • The keys to their success – ability to scale
  • Their plans for continued 2021 success and beyond
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New Notification Center Module

Learn about the benefits of enabling flexible communication through our newest module – The Notification Center and see how our integration with BerkOne enhances its capabilities.

DURATION: 37 min

PCMI HOSTS: Mark Nagelvoort and Greg Kasprzycki

GUEST: Steve HendrickBerkOne

DATE: Nov 19, 2020

What We Cover
  • Benefits of flexible communication with agents, dealers, sales managers, and customers
  • Email, text, and letter functionality with automatic mail merge
  • Set notification triggers based on the receiver’s needs and preferences
  • Scalability, volume, and services
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Automating Dealership Payments

See how PCMI simplifies and automates payments between dealers and administrators via our integration with Infintech.

DURATION: 35 min

PCMI HOSTS: Mark Nagelvoort and Randy Price

GUEST: Matt ValegoInfintech

DATE: Oct 22, 2020

What We Cover
  • Enhanced payment processes
  • Online status updates
  • Secure transaction monitoring
  • Infintech integration onboarding process
  • System demo – signing up and processing ACH transactions
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Automating GAP Claims

Guest speaker Lori Arce joins us to share JM&A Group’s experience implementing our new GAP Claim Consumer and Lender Portal. Learn about this powerful add-on as we run through its exciting features.

DURATION: 25 min

HOSTS: Mark Nagelvoort, Greg Kasprzycki, and Corinne Eckert

GUEST: Lori ArceJM&A Group

DATE: Sept 24, 2020

What We Cover
  • Consumer self-registration
  • 24/7 claim initiation
  • Mobile document upload
  • Automatic claim status updates
  • JM&A’s legacy process
  • Goals JM&A had for the portal
  • Main benefits and customer feedback
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PCRS Quick Launch

Mark explains how our Quick Launch process allows customers to get products up and running on PCRS in a matter of days. Guest Matt Fehr recounts AvantaGuard’s experience switching from a homegrown system to PCRS.

DURATION: 46 min

PCMI HOST: Mark Nagelvoort

GUEST: Matt FehrAvantaGuard

DATE: June 22, 2020

What We Cover
  • Quick launch process vs. standard implementation process
  • AvantaGuard’s implementation approach
  • PCRS vs. a homegrown system
  • Dealer feedback and agent perspective
  • AvantaGuard’s biggest challenges
  • Growing with PCRS
  • Ability to pivot with PCRS
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Reaching New Markets with PaaS

Mark and Greg go through the extendable capabilities of our PCRS PaaS software as guest host Ben Draper of Sym-Tech shares how this cloud-based solution worked for them.

DURATION: 47 min

PCMI HOSTS: Mark Nagelvoort and Greg Kasprzycki

GUEST: Ben DraperSym-Tech

DATE: May 28, 2020

What We Cover
  • PCMI’s PaaS journey
  • Adding products from other apps
  • Building subscription-based products
  • Why Sym-Tech utilizes PaaS
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Learn how PCRS streamlines the process of producing reinsurance cession statements, with guest host Greg Petrowski of GPWA.

DURATION: 1 hr 11 min

PCMI HOSTS: Mark Nagelvoort and Prudhvi Wala

GUEST: Greg PetrowskiGPWA

DATE: May 7, 2020

What We Cover
  • Quota share
  • Online drill down and frequency
  • Audit trail
  • Reinsurance buyout programs
  • Forecasted unearned premium reserve
  • Cession statements
  • Trust requirements / LOC
  • Warehousing reinsurance data prior to company formation
  • Stop-loss/CLIP programs
  • Integration with your current administration system
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Increasing Sales

Greg and Sean discuss how PCRS enables clients to grow their business through its configurable structure, quick launch, and APIs.

DURATION: 30 min

PCMI HOSTS: Greg Kasprzycki and Sean Mangan

DATE: Apr 30, 2020

What We Cover
  • Competitive advantages of SaaS vs. PaaS
  • Utilizing PCRS to empower your business
  • Demo: real-time sales visibility
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Claims Automation

Greg demonstrates how PCRS gives you the ability to automate your claim’s process – saving you and your business hours of wait time.

DURATION: 46 min

PCMI HOST: Greg Kasprzycki

DATE: Apr 23, 2020

What We Cover
  • Claims automation
  • The VSC process before and after PCRS
  • Profile customization options
  • SaaS vs. PaaS
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Insurtechs in the Warranty Industry: A Technology Provider’s Perspective

Mark and Dan Tafel from Hornbeam Insurance discuss all things Insurtech through the eyes of a technology provider.

DURATION: 40 min

HOST: Dan TafelHornbeam Insurance

GUEST: Mark Nagelvoort

DATE: October 27, 2021

What We Cover
  • What are Insurtechs and how did they come about
  • Their role within PCRS software
  • How Insurtechs are changing the customer experience
  • Their plans for continued 2021 success and beyond
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Consumer Warranty Administration

Mark breaks down the Consumer extended warranty functionalities of PCRS, with guest Rob Christian detailing OnPoint’s experience switching to PCMI.

DURATION: 52 min

PCMI HOST: Mark Nagelvoort

GUEST: Rob ChristianOnPoint

DATE: Nov 5, 2020

What We Cover
  • PaaS and integration support
  • Administration functionality
  • Quickly launching new programs
  • OEM warranty administration
  • Service administration technology
  • Supporting multiple countries
  • Logistics and service fulfillment
  • Why OnPoint chose PCMI
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Compliance and Customer Experience: Achieving The Right Balance

Watch as Mark moderates a VS Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable where he discusses compliance vs. the customer experience in regards to administration software and how to achieve a good balance for your company and customers.

DURATION: 12 min

SPEAKERS: Mark Nagelvoort - PCMI, Aaron Brogdon - Frost Brown Todd, Ellis W. Wilder - Frost Brown Todd

CONFERENCE: Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable, 2021

DATE: October 14, 2021

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The Good, Bad & Ugly: Outsourcing versus Insourcing the Extended Warranty Process and Claims Management

Watch as Mark moderates a VS Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable where he discusses the difference between insourcing, outsourcing, a hybrid approach, and which is best for each individual company along with a Q&A session.

DURATION: 40 min

SPEAKERS: Mark Nagelvoort - PCMI, Andy Peterson - Polaris, Doug Bell - Principal, Gregory Myers - Beecher Carlson

CONFERENCE: Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable, 2021

DATE: October 14, 2021

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Automating Administration: Technology Trends

Watch as Mark moderates a WCM panel on how the fastest growing administrators have embraced digital transformation by utilizing technology that allows them to automate their processes.

DURATION: 45 min

SPEAKERS: Mark Nagelvoort - PCMI, Greg Myers - Beecher Carlson, and Dan Tafel - Hornbeam Insurance

CONFERENCE: Warranty Chain Management, 2021

DATE: Sep 1, 2021

What We Cover
  • Consumer Claims
  • Notification Center
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • BI Engine
  • Parts Shipping
  • Managing an Extended Warranty Program
  • Global Warranty Administration
  • Warranty to Extended Warranty
  • Dealer Digital Links
  • Off-Site Claims Management
  • Electric Vehicles and Telematic
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How Adaptable Software + Third Party Resources Can Help Manufacturers Improve Warranty Program Performance

Watch Mark and Rob deliver the WCM Keynote Presentation on improving manufacturers’ warranty program performance with the help of adaptable software.

DURATION: 49 min

SPEAKERS: Mark Nagelvoort - PCMI and Rob Christian - OnPoint

CONFERENCE: Warranty Chain Management, 2020

DATE: Dec 2, 2020